Thursday, October 05, 2006

Did I mention I'm in San Diego?


*Opens purple Grace Hopper tote bag with a flourish*

Let's see what cool swag we have today:
  • Wells Fargo Playing cards
  • CA ballcap
  • Yahoo Mirror compact (omg I've wanted a new one ever since mine broke!)
  • MS Nerf slingshot arrow thing that I'm scared to use (cf. my irrational terror of all things elastic)
  • EZ Antivirus 2005, also from CA
  • An awesome bag of NCWIT green smarties that vaguely resemble Advil tablets
  • A pin and some (yay!) pens :D
Sorry, I'm working on 4 hours of sleep and had to wait 2.5hrs to get into my room here at the beautiful Towne and Country Convention Centre. Thus, when the lady handed me my conference bag over the counter, like a glorious angel bestowing gifts unto a weary traveller, I was overcome with the sentiment that one-who-doesn't-get-christmas-presents usually feels when receiving unexpected toys. Child-like ecstacy.

And THEN I walked over to the table and met Erica Rios, the person who I was corresponding with when I volunteered to be a blogger. And I thought she was just a liason for bloggers. Hah! She's only one of the major volunteers on the whole GHC organizing committee, working a dream's dream at the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology. Can I do that too? Maybe one day.

I met another, different, Erica on the flight over here, from UBC. She's presenting a paper at the Poster Session, though she just finished her undergrad degree this year! I hope I see her around again. Today we experienced "World Famous Fish Tacos" together at the outdoor shopping centre food court across the way. They were ok (ie. go for the burrito instead.)

Just ate a green NCWIT smartie. It's actuallly an M&M! Awesome!

PS. Jen and Amanda will agree with me: Green is the new blue.


Amanda Woodhall said...

Don't forget the cool Google chapstick on the swag list! Loving it!

Eugene said...

I was all excited about the Nerf swag you got but then I noticed it was Microsoft and thus probably some regular foam thing, and not actually Nerf.

Angelica said...

I actually didn't get the Google chapstick in my bag! I'm choked and chapped at the same time.

Amanda said...

Jen did not either (: so she went back and asked for one, its too cool not to ask for one :-) although we ARE going to look into getting some for CS@SFU.