Friday, October 06, 2006

I shouldn't be the nicey-nice girl

Oh I'm SO disappointed. I'm not even sarcastic!

Roz Ho, General Manager for Microsoft spoke at the Asian Women Birds of a Feather session. She was amazing: dynamic, leading a team because she, like me, figures that the most fun job is leading people because that's where you can have the most impact. She oversees 200 employees on a crazy schizophrenic project developing Apple products (eg. Word for Macs). She talked about how she uses her approachability to gain harmony within the group, but still said she never sold herself short by trying to justify opinions by "Maybe I'm wrong, but..." because that loses your cred.

She does stuff I want to do, I can see myself in her. But, she's working at Microsoft.

Not that I don't love their products, but I have this stigma that working any "big box" corporation means just being a little cog in a huge system, and not seeing the fruit of my work. I'm fundamentally against that.

So, I wanted to see what Roz (who I swear I've seen in a different context, but I can't place where) had to say to that, being seemingly like-minded and all.

But she had to catch a plane, and I watched as she tried to escape after the session while students swarmed the nice woman with questions. Ok, I said to me-self, after she's done with them, I'll walk with her to her room after so she's not late. :/ Unfortunately, a more assertive gal stopped her in her tracks and then slowly moved away as I gaped after them. *Sigh*

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