Friday, January 26, 2007

It's kinda like being the loner in high school

You know, standing at the end of the cafeteria, tray of food in your hands, surveying the sea of tables and laughing kids. In the end, it's the table near the window, for one.

I just started at Sophia-Antipolis this week, working on the robot project I started the last time I was here. I can't wait till the other Tetard team members start their internships, but that won't be till February and March.

For now, the doctorate students take pity on me and invite me to lunch sometimes, where I sit quietly and politely among lively jabs of inside-jokes in french. Upon reflection, I realized this what we do to the first years at SFU, poor kids.

In other news, I got an MRI done yesterday. My knee had been giving out the last couple weeks, so 300 euros and 10 minutes-in-a-tube later, I'm the proud owner of 4 pages of high-resolution images, and a CD. (God that was expensive!) They'll be off to a specialist shortly. From what I gather from the doctor who I initially thought was a repairman, my meniscus is torn and flapping around in my knee, causing muchos painos. MMMM....

So much more to blog about, including an enlightening excursion to Kei's Passion and a classical soiree at the Palais de Festival in Cannes...


Cary said...

D'oh! Should've gotten that knee fixed in the land of free (medically necessary) healthcare.

Hope it heals up!

Angelica said...

Thanks Cary! Here it would be free too, if only I had my carte d'etudiate (but I'm not going to get into that fuss 'n muss again...)

Anonymous said...

aaaaahhhhhh, there's life in Sophia Antipolis. I want to go back there again :-(

I miss Mouans-Sartoux :-)