Monday, May 07, 2007

It's Sarko time!

It's official: France has a new prez! He's short, he's gutsy, he's a workaholic... iiiiiiiit's Sarko!!

The countdown to the announcement was a heart-pounding melodrama, with the french collectively holding their breath as the counter ticked to 0:05. Five seconds to the new era.

Blocked-off streets filled with shoulder-to-shoulder crowds looked up eagerly at the screens as if it were New Year's Eve. 4-3-2-1....And when Sarko's politician smile filled the image, with a large blue 53% ... madness!

We watched the images of Paris from my living room. Half the town jumped for joy, waving flags, stopping traffic, screaming Vive La France! And for the other half centered around Place de la Bastille, a sea of calm disappointment.

Around me too, a severe difference in opinion. On one side, a plutot droite person, eyes brimming with tears of joy. France would change. Finally.

And on the other side, plutot gauche. Sheer horror.

How exciting. I hope Sarko pulls off all he has promised. I might actually want to live in France for good.

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Denise said...

*ahem* live in France for good?