Monday, December 29, 2008

Mobile experiment

For the next month, I'm replacing my laptop with this Google "Dream" phone, aka G1, aka gPhone. That's right, the Dell has gone byebye.

In this swaperoo, I'll be testing the limits of this tiny but powerful phone running Android. As the design on the back of my g1 indicates, I'm running the dev version of the G1, meaning that when I find that it cannot perform to the standards of my Dell Inspiron, I can write a program to fix it.

Current shortcomings already include:
1. Android development environment.
Talk about meta. When I think of something to write, I'd like to code it up right away. On my phone. It's been suggested that a full compiler would be too cpu intensive. A workaround could include an web interface to code and compile online.
2. A way to upload photos from a better camera. My laptop used to serve as my portal for uploading photos from my Canon Rebel or Elph. Still have to figure out a workaround - perhaps a double-ended mini-usb cable to plug from camera to phone? I wonder if Picasa could then get an auto-resizer to work on my g1. (Yoohoo, Picasa folks!)
3. Blogging. Woo, I've already overcome this hurdle. I'm using the Blogger email feature which supports attaching photos, and saving as a draft while offline. (At first I thought an app interface would be useful, but gmail comes to the rescue once again!)

Which brings me to my other point. Without a data plan, I'm limited to finding wifi spots for most mobile apps to work.

4. Android market offline apps. Just how many apps can I install, then amuse myself with on a bus while offline? 

This baby will also be put to the true test of mobile: backpacking. Travelling in a foreign country where I don't speak the language will surely generate more need-based apps.

Speaking of which, I could never get the Wordmate stardict app to work...

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