Sunday, October 30, 2011

REEM robot hits Bled, shakes hands

Wandering around the Humanoids conference was a robot from PAL Robotics, Spain. The company is based in Barcelona and the devs were excited to show me their latest robot, REEM:

Tall, elegant, and quite captivating in design, the REEM robot gazed around the room, searching for faces. Upon detecting a face, it approached a user to shake their hand.

The rep looked quite confident in shaking hands with the robot, but I have to admit, when it came to my turn, I looked like this !(◎_◎;)

There's something about a robot the locks onto your face and approaches you in a straight-on, jerky movement.

The reps were really nice though and took my suggestions into account. My other impressions: the robot had a female voice, which didn't quite match it's broad-shouldered look (should I call it he? she?) and it had a cool luggage area in the back of it's base to transport heavy items for customers. It also was supposed to have a "oh, you want to go to so-and-so room? follow me!" function, but it didn't work the time I tried it.

Overall, looking forward to seeing what comes of the REEM robot. By the way, when I asked about the name 'REEM', it seems the company is funded by a source in Abu Dhabi who requested the name specifically, inspired from mythology.

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