Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hiroshi Ishiguro tweets

Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro tweets rather profound things. I've started translating his book here, but in the meantime, here are a couple of his tweets from today that I've translated into English.

hiroshiishiguro 石黒浩
価値 高校生に”自分に価値があるかどうかわからないんです”と聞かれて,”僕もまだ探している途中だよ”と答える.それ以外に答えがない.
Worth: I was asked by a highschooler, "I don't know if I'm worth anything." I replied, "I'm still looking, you know." Couldn't say much more than that.

hiroshiishiguro 石黒浩
自分 本当に難しい問題にチャレンジしているか?結果が見えるようなチェレンジはチャレンジではない.今の自分のままで到達できるゴールはたかがしれている.本当のチャレンジとは自分を変革を伴うもの.自分を変えながら全く新しい道を歩む.だからゴールも結果も見えていない.
Self: Are you really challenging yourself with hard problems? If you can see the outcome, it isn't a challenge. Any goal that I can attain as I am now doesn't amount to much. A real challenge is accompanied by reforms to oneself. As you change yourself, you'll walk along a completely new path. Thus, both the goal and end result cannot be seen.

hiroshiishiguro 石黒浩
自分 人間というのは常に進化してるはず.だから,もし自分も進化しているなら,自分が何になるかはなってみないとわからない.今から自分の将来がわかっているというのは,それは進化をやめたということではないか.チャレンジをやめたということではないか.
Self: Humans should always progress. Indeed, if humans progress, this means they don't know what they want to become, because knowing one's future from now means giving up on progress, doesn't it? Isn't that giving up on challenges?

hiroshiishiguro 石黒浩
自分  自分が何者かがわかった時,ああ,自分はこんなやつ何だとわかった時というのは,それ以上自分が進化しないと認めて,あきらめた時なんだろう.
Self: When you understand what kind of person you are, when you understand that 'oh, I'm this kind of chap', if you realize that you're not progressing to someone/thing higher than that, haven't you given up?

hiroshiishiguro 石黒浩
無いものねだり 幼少の頃の無いものねだりはただのわがままかもしれないが、大人の無いものねだりは、夢の実現や発明につながる。
Asking too much. Asking for frivolous things during infanthood is simple indulgence, but asking for frivolous things during adulthood tends to be related to realizing or inventing your dreams.

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