Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ada Lovelace Day - Céline Boudier, Robot Programmer

On this Ada Lovelace day, I'd like to express my admiration for an inspiring robotics programmer, who I think has the coolest job in the world!

Céline Boudier has been a NAO robot Behavior Architect at Aldebaran Robotics for almost 4 years. She has worked on countless projects to bring the humanoid robot NAO to life. To name a few, she's made a robot enigma adventure game called Shana Spirit Journey, a NAO choose-your-own adventure storyteller app, a robot Akinator, Doctor Who behaviors, and more. Her projects have been downloaded hundreds of times. On top of these fun and creative applications, she also is in charge of developing behaviors to help treat children with autism.

Her tutorials are useful and have made an positive impact on many other robot developers.

She is artistic, funny, quirky and cool.

So hats off to Céline Boudier, robot programmer extraordinaire!

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Céline said...

Thank you so much Angelica!! Coming from you, it means a lot... You're a wonderful person and developer!