Friday, October 13, 2006

The Day of Truth (tm)

Tomorrow. Friday the 13th. A pivotal day which could change my life. I'm anxious, giddy, and wary, too.

This ominous day is when we receive The Decision, which could go either of three ways:

A) Yes
B) No
C) Yes, but no money.
... or the ever-nerve-wracking D) We lied. You get your decision later.

What's IS the final Jeopardy question, for $1000, Alex?

---"Is mon bébé accepted into SFU CS grad school, or not?"----

If yes: Wittle sugarplums get their dance on, sunny days get breezy, and bunnies hop together in harmony with polar bears. Bibi moves here, and the happiness ensues, as we traipse together into the grapefruit West Coast sunset. (Don't forget coding together. Not so much on the beach though.)

If no: It ain't all too bad. I move to France in January for a while, and nuclear war with the momma for whisking away Bibou is averted (or at least postponed). As Harriet says, "What's wrong with you - you get a chance to go back to France and you don't go? Crazy girl." Yup, back to the Cote d'Azur. I was kinda missing the egg pizza, anyway.

If yes, but no grad funding: See no.

If decision day is not actually tomorrow: I might break things. (Keep your distance.)

Cross your fingers, people!

Update: D) They didn't finish the decisions today and still have to meet again next week. Sigh, I'm not breaking things, it's ME that's broken... It always happens this way. :(


Greg said...

We don't accept students without funding. Not under normal circumstances, anyway.

bishnu said...

Yeah, I was going to say, it would be really weird if SFU granted admission with no kind of support.

Angelica said...

Well, cases have started to appear where they do admit but don't fund. Friends of friends. I've never met one of these people myself... Maybe they're magical.

Apparently this started last year when the school tightened up the budget.

Noah said...

Most of these are "project students" who do more coursework and not a proper research thesis. They are otherwise known as "cash cows".