Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tickets acquired, by no easy means

Getting to Europe for cheap. There are various ways you can do it.

For example, you could become an Air Courier, where you accompany a package to its destination (hopefully also yours). Or perhaps you can using a low-cost flight scanner engine like Fare Compare, which works maybe half the time. Or you could, like, go by boat.

Me, after all my other options let me down, I Expedia.ca'd it.

Vancouver (YVR) to Nice (NCE): $1202, return. Yeah, nuh-uh. Let's try again...
Vancouver (YVR) to Nice (NCE): $2452, one-way. Weird.

Now, with a bit of creativity, you can get cheaper than that. You just have to be ready to exchange these dollars for a bit of inconvenience.

My inconvenience:
Drive to Seattle, take Air Canada from Seattle (SEA) that transfers through Vancouver (YVR), to London Gatwick (LGW). Then take a charter bus to London Luton (LTN), then EasyJet to Nice (NCE).

Seattle to London: $663, return. Add another $100 for incidentals...like getting to Nice from London. Yay!

Well at least it isn't as bad as my accidental trip to Paris (My Journey Back, at the bottom).

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Acky said...

Wow...now I call that trip PLANNING...good job! Now you can go buy as many egg pizzas as your little heart desires with the moolah you save...hehehe. I'll miss ya again, but will be looking forward to more of your adventure stories!