Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Found a Place!

So, the ctrl-S twitch I developed apparently published this post pre-emptively. Thanks BetaBlogger.

Anyhoo, I'm quite enjoying these photos of the pad I'll be moving into in January. It's actually "chez proprietaire", which basically means homestay but without the free meals. The lady seems cool, she's lived in Tunisia, France and Germany and has had all sorts of international students stay at her place.

My Room-to-Be: I totally dig the carpet, and the fact it's so bright from natural light.

View from Bedroom Window: The location rocks. It's right across from the market, the kind where they offer to let you taste their melons before buying. This is the north-facing view I'd get while working at my desk.

Le Salon: Interesting style choice, but cozy quand meme. In the corner is hiding a LiveBox, the wifi/router/modem from France Telecom. Yay internets!

Cute 'n Sunny Cuisine: How charming! If I get really motivée I could just cross the street for some croissants and have a nice breakfast back here.

And the place is a 5 min walk from school, and super near chez Kenzo. Yippee!

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Omar said...

Congrats! :D