Thursday, November 30, 2006


What's up with me? What's up with you?

So far, I've been hermit'ing it up, not unlike most other 6th years at SFU at the end of the semester. God. 6 years.

What's this "poke" thing on Facebook. I just logged in, and all these people have "poked" me. What do I do? Poke them back? Won't this just turn into an everlasting poke circle? I'm not sure. So I just poked my brother. We'll see what happens.

I made the best cookies ever the other day.
Best Cookies Ever

And then I ate some. Since I live alone, the other dozen went into a tupperware container with a piece of bread in it. Apparently it keeps them soft. Now I can fatten myself up each day for up to a week!

God it's cold. There's so much snow everywhere. But what am I gonna do, play in it? I can throw snowballs at myself. That's fun.

I sure can't wait till this semester is over. Next week is my birthday. It's the first day of finals, too. I think it's gonna suck a lot.

Hey I just spent $400 on new retainers. Isn't that great? They'll have springs on them so my face will hurt for the next few months.

I think I've become a bitter old lady. wtf.


Omar said...

Its ok granny, you will be alright. :D

Btw, i think ill make me some of them cookies. They sound tasty.

eugene said...

So the retainers are like dentures? And you cooked chewy cookies because you can't chew anymore? Are you getting a cat? Are you getting a lot of cats? Are you going to start collecting pop cans?

Okay I'm done now. :)

Anyways if you want to feel young again, start a couple snowball fights at school. There's snow on campus. Fellow CS'ers are there. Engineers are there. Instant fun.

Jen said...

Holy crap, that cookie recipe is -identical- to a cookie recipe my mom has had for as long as I've been born! Weird.

But, I guess it's not terribly complex.


Still weird.