Thursday, December 21, 2006

So, are you excited?

Over the last few days, that same question has come up about 10 times. "So, excited 'bout France?"

Today I noticed that my answer had snowballed into a lame, "Yeah... yeah" accompanied by unconvincing head-nodding. I furrowed my brow, slightly shocked by my lack of enthusiasm. "Very excited."

As I rode home from Greg's exec dinner tonight, I pondered over this change in anticipation. I mean, I've got a very smart, sweet and overall wonderful reason why I should be jumping with joy at the departure day countdown.

And then I realized... Over the last few days I've revisited with friends, eased back into happy company, going for lunch, dinner and bubble tea with old and new buddies. I've settled back into my home, caught up with the latest CS department gossip, and ordered a double-double knowing full well I'd be understood. Lots of reminiscing, lots of good times. Familiarity.

I'm gonna miss it. So when I say "Yeah, I'm excited," in a not-very-excited way, now you know why. Because I'm going to miss you.

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