Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My life in pictures

OK OK OK *holds hands up in air*.... I'm just as sick as you are of having the same blog post up for almost 2 months. If anything, this post is to push down the Anti-Religion article. Gives me mal au coeur just looking at it.

Anyhoo, what mischief have I been up to lately? Let's find out.
This is Cake Mahogany.

Flavoured with homemade caramel, des petits bouts de litchi, and of course, the most important ingredient, l'amour, Pierre Hermé's recipe can be found in the highly-acclaimed and highly expensive PH10.

The only question is, why is it called Mahogany if it's not mahogany? Mystery, mystery.

This is Entrevaux.

Entre = between, and vaux = valley (plural). Located in the hills of the niçois arriere-pays, this french fortress is a perfect stop on the Train des Pignes for hiking or picnic-ing. The only way to the lushiously green, clover-dotted park is through the castle. PS. My picnic bag is fluorescent pink, so nobody will steal it.

This is Kenzo.

He likes to jump.

This is my team.

Though it may seem posed, this group of autonomous robotics people from Projet Tetard are, in fact, quite amused by a human-powered submarine race. Human? Powered? Psh, trop no-skill kikoolol! (Cf. autonomous underwater vehicles). Next week is sushi week.

This is that plastic bubble stuff.

It makes for good plastic-face. Or, as we say in France, figure-plastique.

Well, there you go, a little glimpse into my ever-eventful life. As glamourous as it may seem, I actually do work every day and am making quite the killing in employee stock options.

(OK, maybe not so much the last thing, but lots of the first!)

Bisous :)


Denise said...

OOO posting! Yay! Kenzo likes to jump. Good to know! And I've seen those human powered submarine thingies featured a LONG time ago when I still read National Geographic World (the one for kids). There are competitions for them an everything right? And what is that plastic bubble thing? Miss you! Oh, and I've totally become a Facebook addict.

Angelica said...

Aha, finally found the wiki article on it:
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Omar said...

Yay, an update, woohooo!

Glad to see that you are still alive. :) love the photos, and it looks like you are having quite a good time from all of em. :D

John said...

Call off the dogs - she's alive.


Paris April 24 - May 4 ... not sure how it's going to go, but if I can sneak out I'm coming down!