Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nous sommes prets. One day.

What! I just received an e-mail from SFU stating that, once again, they've changed their logo.

OK, forgetting the fact that they just changed their logo 6 months ago, and admitting it's a little banal (bland), fine. I can imagine the triangle logo centered on a hoodie, anarchy style! :P

I do, however, have slight qualms with the new SFU tagline. It's the words that will go in newspapers everywhere, in all our recruiting material, to give a great first impression of Simon Fraser University.

In reading the words, the world will know we are a high-class university with top professors and students, an institution of knowledge. Well, without further ado, here it is.

SFU: "Un jour, nous comprendrons"

("One day, we'll understand.")

....why don't they just make it:

SFU: "Right now, we've got no idea."

We're just a little slower than other universities. But hold on, we mustn't forget our SFU Motto!

"Nous sommes prets"
("We are ready")?

Does anyone else see the contradiction? *makes a face*


Omar said...

Lol, seems like i got out at the right time :P

Allen Pike said...

Yeah - plus, April 1st was a weird day to date the press release, being a weekend and all. :)

Acky said...

Hehehehehehehehehe...may I award another point to UBC?
UBC +1 pt : SFU 0 pt
"Tuum Est...It's Yours"
(At least we're certain of *something*) :D

Tim said...

Douglas College's logo

Angelica said...

Hey, totally unfair to punk people on a non-April-1st day! Ah well, nicely done anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

thats the douglas college logo