Saturday, February 16, 2008

Don't Spoil Your Appetite!

Robotting is like that sweet sweet candy you can't have until you finish your dinner. *sigh* Another day whence I was tempted with Roomba iCreates and prospects of RoboCup amidst my otherwise very satisfying meal of letter recognition research.

There's something creamy and delicious about imagining ways to make a robot fetch your newspaper, or recognize its owner. Not only did I have to beat myself down with a stick from recruiting a team for RoboCup@Home today, I also had to literally drag my own body out of the room filled with 45 robots, 11 of which were being played with before my own eyes.

I did eventually strap myself to my desk with invisible chains to recommence concentration on What Actually Matters, but gosh darn. That was tough.

So yeah. Just... no more R-word until this project's got a paper submitted. OK? OK.

PS. I do enjoy my CAPTCHAs, though, I really do... *sniffle*

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