Saturday, April 19, 2008

*Happily bouncing*

AHHHHH. That's a good ah, like after taking a gulp of Diet Coke.

Exam: finished.
Classes for summer: chosen.
Life: good.

Now alls I got is 15 episodes of Evangelion to watch (ie. ROBOT ANIME!!), Hirigana homework for my Japanese class, and a conference paper deadline to make! The conference is in Juan-les-Pins! YAY!

Also, I got 23,75/30 on my Israel composition. Not so much yay :( There were big "Je ne comprends pas??" all over it. Bummer.

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Kered said...

Oh tu apprends le Japonais aussi ?? Ce week end, j'ai justement décidé de m'y remettre sérieusement ! :p