Thursday, May 01, 2008

NYC Retreat

Guys, I am having an amazing time in New York.

Last night. Metropolitan Opera. Orchestra seating. $20. YEAH.

Prior to that, I visited a friend at NYU who showed me, among other things, Jeff Han's former office. (Sorry for the poor quality, it was a shoot and run!)

Cube in front of NYU that SPINS on its CORNER.

That park in I am Legend where Will Smith blew up the zombies!

And today at Google, I learned that ... uh, actually I can't talk about it :( They do have a great view of the city, though.

Tonight we had a fabulous 7 course dinner at the Spice Market across the street. Amazing food, amazing discussion with the wonderful girls at this retreat.

(Yeah, that menu is a list of what we ate, not "choose from the above")

My room is spectacular. There are bathrobes that are silk and cotton double-sided, a CD of new age lounge music playing as you enter, and shampoo that leaves your hair feeling like you should be in a Pantene Pro-V commercial.

So, thank you Google for the scholarship and all-expenses paid pampering.

More details on the Google Blog. My name is 2 paragraphs away from a post written by Marissa Mayer *small shriek of delight*!

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Kate said...

waaa!!! subarashii ne!!!