Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 tips for Wikipedia editing

I think there are only 5 things you need to know to edit your first Wikipedia article. Here they are.

1. Headings: Add = = around big (top-level) headings, and == == around slightly smaller (sub) headings, and so on.
ex. Turkish Language
= History =
== Ottoman Turkish ==
== Modern Turkish ==
2. Adding emphasis: Highlight the word you want to emphasize, and click either the bold or italicize button at the top of the editor. This will insert ''' ''' or '' '' , respectively, around your word -- surprise!

3. References: Add the <ref> </ref> tag to cite your reference.
Breazeal states that Kismet is not conscious, so it does not have feelings <ref>Breazeal, Cynthia. ''Designing Sociable Robots''. The MIT Press, 2002, pg. 112 </ref>.
If it's not already there, add {{Reflist}} to the References section.

4. Link to other Wiki articles: Add [[ ]] around the words you'd like to link to.
Kismet's emotion system contains the 6 basic emotions as described by [[Paul Ekman]].
5. Lists: Use * to make a list.
The different varieties of poppies are:
* California poppy
* Alpine poppy
* Iceland poppy
* Oriental poppy
* Flanders poppy
That's it! Just hit the "edit" button on any Wikipedia page and start contributing!


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Wikipedia is great for me as a college student. I usually go to a wikipedia page for the topic of my choice and go all the way to the bottom to see what source were used for the page, and if they are credible. This usually leaves me with some good starting sources for the pages I have to write for school :)