Sunday, June 05, 2011

Nao's Caravan Palace dance

The folks at Aldebaran came up with an awesome new dance for Nao for last year's World Expo. I finally downloaded it for my Naoki. Here's him giving it a try:

YouTube Video

The bad thing about tatami is that it's uneven. The good thing is that it makes for soft robot landings.

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Kate said...

Is there a market for robot aerobics instructors? :D

Denise said...

Ow! The landing looked a little rough. He didn't hit his head did he?

Angelica said...

Kate -- Good question! I should try and learn from him :-)

Denise -- I think he hit is head against the wall. Not the first time though, he's fallen flat on his face once too. He's a tough little guy though. ^^

Kered said...

J'adore la "chute" de la vidéo ahah :D

Neutron said...

Haha, mine does that on softer surface too. Its a critical decision whether to go soft surface easy landings or hard surface more stability. On a hard surface standing in NaosLife I sometimes find myself making a Superman leap across room when he starts a skit like the Space Shuttle one where he might fall lol.