Wednesday, June 22, 2011

True story about cowbells

Me: You don't know the More Cowbell meme? Ok, it goes like this. I say, "You know what X needs?" and you say "What?" and I say, "More cowbell."

For example,
"You know what this election needs? More cowbell." or,
"You know what this salad needs? More cowbell." Ok, now you try.

"Ok. You know what this cow needs?"

Me: "No, that's not quite..."

--Kenzo thinks for a minute.--

Kenzo: "Ok, I'll try again. You know what this cat needs?"

Me: (oh well, it's kinda better) What?

Kenzo: More cowbells.

Me: What? No, cowbell-L-L.

Kenzo: Oh, ok.

Me: No 'S', remember.

-- Riding on our bikes, I try to train Kenzo once more --

Me: Hey Kenzo, you know what this intersection needs?

Kenzo: (turns to look at me with a big knowing smile) It needs cowbell!

Me: MORE cowbell!

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Greg said...

"Ok. You know what this cow needs?"

Wow, that was close to a cereal-on-monitor accident. Awesome.

Denise said...

Not the best quality, but maybe it'll help!